When I first met Therese, I was skeptical. I have done a parenting program in the past and spoken with several other parent coaches, and they often had the same ideas which weren’t helping. Therese heard me differently and when her first suggestion was one that I had heard, I let her know it hasn’t worked for me, so she responded with a solution that no one had offered before! My issues is around yelling and being too verbal with my kids, Therese identified that I needed a non-verbal que since I have been so verbal with my children. I couldn’t believe after just a one session I had a tangible tool to help me with my kids!

Thank you Therese!

Keslie Mack

I really liked how Therese listened to my problems and helped me come up with concrete ways of improving communication and connection with my child. I also found very valuable the scripts or language that she gave me to use in particular situations. I also appreciated the simple, do-able changed that I can make in the family routine. Now, I feel like I have the tools to model positive intentional communication with my daughter. Some of the tools include family check-ins; 15 minutes “special time” , and morning meditation to set a positive intention for the day for our family.

Melinda Nakagawa