Ready to re-set your family life?

Find the calm, build the connection with intentional parent coaching.

It starts with you.

 Let's go inside....

Are you struggling with your child about 

device use,

managing on-line school,

following directions or lack of responsibility? 

Are you feeling more anxiety, anger and overwhelm by what's going on in your home?

I can help.

Through my years of work as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist and parent coach...and trial and error (in my own home) I have created some simple ways for you to:

Build greater connection with your child

Create real work-able systems in your home

Learn the skills and language to be a more effective parent

Be on the same page with your partner about parenting


Have a happier home life

My parenting coaching practice is unique and specific to you and your family's needs.  

I believe YOU are your greatest resource and the best parenting "skills" can be found right inside of you!

Hi, I'm Therese' 

 Parent and Family Coach

I work with stressed out parents to help re-set their home life; build a foundation of connection and set up a path for a calm and compassionate relationship with your child.  


I start with your strengths and experiences that have shaped you, your values and biggest challenges right now -- then we create a plan for your family's needs and guide you in implement strategies to have

less overwhelm, more calm and positive connection in your family.  

Ready to make some change below and let's start this journey together!


What we are teaches our children far more than what we say, so we must be what we want our children to become.

- Joseph Chilton Pearce

To see and to be seen.

That is the truest nature of love.

~Brene Brown

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When I first met Therese, I was skeptical. I have done a parenting program in the past and spoken with several other parent coaches, and they often had the same ideas which weren’t helping. Therese heard me differently and when her first suggestion was one that I had heard, I let her know it hasn’t worked for me, so she responded with a solution that no one had offered before! I couldn’t believe after just a one session I had a tangible tool to help me with my kids!

Thank you Therese!


- Keslie Mack

I really liked how Therese listened to my problems and helped me come up with concrete ways of improving communication and connection with my child. I also found very valuable the scripts or language that she gave me to use in particular situations. I also appreciated the simple, do-able changed that I can make in the family routine. Now, I feel like I have the tools to model positive intentional communication with my daughter. 

- Melinda Nakagawa

Kind Words....

 "Tess has a strong capacity to help guide other parents with ways to bond and develop a trusting relationship with their child(ren). She understands these relationships take time, but through the use of conscious parenting strategies can have a huge impact on the quality of your relationship with your child."

 -Lynne Solarz



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