Doors Re-opening for the Parenting Reset Membership on Tuesday, 10/19/21!

If you join before Wednesday, 10/27 as an Early Member you will receive a bonus 1 hour parent coaching session anytime you need it!

Doors will close on Friday, 10/29 at midnight










Does this sound like you?

"I can't get my teen from her room"

"My son keeps having meltdowns"

"We are not spending time together as a family anymore"

"I don't know what's normal or not at this time with my teen?"

"I'm so tired of the device and screen management!"

Enjoy a blooper from my 1st launch for the Parenting RESET membership

**This is the fun we will have inside the membership!

Come join us!

What you'll get inside the membership:

Weekly Parent Education and Coaching

Each week you will receive 1 new video and PDF with Core Content from 5 step RESET Path

Weekly Live Q&A's

You will receive the opportunity to ask your parenting questions to a Parent Coach AND to other parent members and get answers to YOUR specific needs

Sunday Circle

 Monthly Sunday Circles focused via Zoom with meditations, intention setting for the week and a personal growth topic chosen by a member

Community and Connection

Find support and make connections with other parents of tweens and teens throughout the month

"It is really refreshing to connect with a group of other parents who are addressing similar challenges, and talking about it in a guided format to help come up with the solutions"

AR, mom of tween and teen boys

Yes, I need a reset and I'd love to join!

Choose your membership pricing..

Pay Yearly and get 2 months Free!

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Monthly Plan


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Best Value! 2 Months Free in Annual Plan!

"Early Member"

Annual Plan


Yes, I want to Save and Get Support all Year Long!

Here's the value:

  • An individual parent coaching per hour $195
  • A 3 month Individual parent coaching package $997

You will receive each month:

  • 4 hours of LIVE time with a parent coach ($780 if paid for separate hours) who has the background and years of experience to help you go from overwhelmed to connected with your child or teen... PRICELESS!

VIP Member


Monthly VIP Plan

  • Full membership access
  • 1:1 Parent Coaching and follow up each month
  • Marco Polo as needed
Yes, I want 1:1 coaching along with the membership!

"This membership ensures I schedule time to intentionally think about and plan for situations or issues that I need to work through as a parent"

Beth, Founding Member, mom of a tween and teen girls

Lynne, mother to 2 boys

Testimonial for Consciousness Raising Group:

"The Parenting Reset Membership is a great way to get support when new issues come to surface, and you don't know how to navigate these tween and teens years.

Coming together with other parents who have no judgement and only support allows me to be honest and vulnerable.

We all need help at some point, having an open, honest and trustworthy group to share the ups and downs of parenting, makes it easier" 


YouTube Link to Jamie's Video Testimonial

Jamie, mother to a tween and teen boy

"Even when my boys are fighting, I look at their behaviors differently now and have much more compassion for what's going on, rather than automatically getting upset"

RR, single mom of 3 kids

Testimonial for Consciousness Raising Group:

"Being able to talk through some of my fears and frustrations as a parent was a game changer. I feel I"m a better parent to my teenagers and have the insight and support I need to maintain a more connected relationship with them and myself"

Yes, I need a reset and I'd love to join!