Tired of losing the battle over devices with your kids?


The Tech Reset Masterclass teaches you how to stop the arguments...


So you can spend more quality time with your kids, without creating even more conflict in your home!

Don't miss this opportunity to invest one hour of your time to create a lifetime of co-existence with devices!


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Thursday, March 21 @ 6 PM, PST

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In The Tech Reset Masterclass you will learn:

Secret 1


This Masterclass gives you a proven plan to reset your family agreements around devices, so that you aren't constantly fighting them each day.

Secret 2


We'll show you how to have a conversation, not a confrontation! A critical part of winning the battle of the devices is having a productive conversation with your teen. 

Secret 3


You'll have peace of mind when you and your teen outline the ground rules for devices in your home and then everyone is happy! The chaos goes away instantly.

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Screens are everywhere, but they don't have to rule your life and create chaos in your family!

As parents, we want what's best for our kids, but when it comes to screens, it's hard to know what to do!


The Tech Reset Masterclass is for you if:

  • You're¬†frustrated¬†that your kids spend¬†so much time¬†on screens each day
  • You can't figure out a way to manage the amount of screen time without¬†causing meltdowns.
  • It's¬†difficult to manage¬†the content your kids consume on devices.
  • You are afraid your kids are more tech-savvy than you and can¬†circumvent any parental controls¬†you deploy.
  • Social media and online culture may be taking a¬†toll on your child's mental health.
  • You are worried about the impact of devices on your¬†child's social development and friendships.
  • Signs of being¬†addicted to devices¬†may be present in your kids.
  • ‚ÄčYou spend more time¬†arguing with your kids¬†about devices than you do having a normal conversation with them.
  • When you attempt to put boundaries in place for devices, it leads to¬†arguments and temper tantrums.

Meet Your Host


Therese' (Tess) Connolly,



After spending years working as a Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist, I realized that one of the biggest barriers that I see to having a connected relationship with your kids, is devices! 


It makes a difference how we model them for our kids and how we set boundaries for them. So, I created this program to give parents an opportunity to re-draw the boundary lines with our families and the devices that we all use. 


 My program helps calm the chaos on your family around devices, and gives you a foundation to create connected relationships with your kids.

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