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Solo Parent Life Podcast Interview: Re-defining Your Family in a Mindful Way

Nov 20, 2022

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Listen to this episode, Redefining Your Family in a Mindful Way, where I was a guest on Solo Parent Life. It is available at this link or in Apple Podcasts.
Episode description:
"Once you embark on the Solo Parent Life, there’s a period we all experience when we have to start making some mental shifts. Life as we understood it is changing. As daunting of a task as that might seem, it is also an opportunity to re-define your family. It is a chance to dive right into something new and better than before. That is just what Theresé Connolly did.
Theresé is a Mother to one boy and champion of Parents and Families who are ready to grow and develop healthy mindset habits together. Theresé was divorced shortly after relocating, and she found herself alone in a new place. Instead of letting life roll over her, Theresé decided to jump into her community through her son’s school and workshops. Now, Theresé is beginning a new journey as a Parenting and Life Coach. Ready to see how she did it all? Listen and find out!
Theresé shares how she is refocusing her career post-divorce by shifting her focus from therapy to coaching. The challenges we face when co-parenting. Theresé shows how we can dive into our community and open ourselves up to ease the transition into the Solo Parent Life. Obstacles to co-parenting can be overcome through a strong community support. How our personal growth impacts what we can give off and support in others. Learning to be present by creating rituals about how we are in our home. What is a “Rose” and how can it help with bedtime? Theresé shares this simple technique.
Learn a mindset of starting the day with gratitude. Parent Coaching and Life Coaching can create a sense of value and foundation. Create a Family Mission Statement to enhance your values."


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