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30. All About Anxiety with Tweens and Teens

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Rebecca Foote, Ph.D. about Anxiety with Tweens and Teens. They discuss signs and behavior to look for in your tweens and teens that are more prominent than the “normal” anxiety that our children go through day to day. They also discuss ways that we can help our children deal with these moments and what coping mechanisms we can share with our children to help them cope in the moments when they are struggling. 

  • Rebecca tells us about her background as a clinical psychologist and the work she is doing now.
  • Rebecca and Tess discuss the different anxieties that children have and how they change as they reach tween and teen age.
  • Rebecca shares some stats from the national institute of health (NIH) She talks about how the early research shows that these stats have risen through the pandemic.
  • Rebecca and Tess share with us signs and behaviour of anxiety to look for that are more over the normal signs that our children may show day to day. 
  • Rebecca informs us of different ways we can help our children cope when they are struggling with their anxiety.
  • Rebecca tells us the importance of getting help when you see early signs that your child is struggling with anxiety and that being able to equip your child early on with strategies to help them cope is extremely beneficial.
  • Rebecca shares some resources to help you with further reading on anxiety.
  • Rebecca and Tess discuss how important it is to recognise that anxiety is universal and it is important to see when it is there to help us and that anxiety can be productive as well as unproductive. 
  • Rebecca is most grateful for her health during the pandemic and she is also grateful to her two teenagers who keep her humble. 

Freeing Your Child from Anxiety Revised & Updated Edition - Tamar E. Chansky (


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