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29. "Am I Messing Up my Kids?" - The Concept of Good Enough Parenting

Tess Connolly LCSW talks about a question that most parents have on their minds “Am I messing up my kids?” She talks about the concept of “Good enough parenting” which derives from the work of D. W. Winnicott, British pediatrician and psychoanalyst. 

  • Tess talks about the “Good Enough Parenting” concept and explains it to us.
  • Tess shares with us her thoughts on how this concept can be linked to parenting now and how this links to parenting our tweens and teens. 
  • She shares her own experience that she has had with her tween son when she had to put this concept into practice. 
  • Tess speaks about the quality of time we spend with our children being more important than quantity. 
  • Tess shares some examples of how we can spend time with our tweens and teens.
  • She shares about how important family time is within the week.
  • Tess offers some tips on what to ask ourselves as a parent and how to deal with situations you have with your children when we slip up as parents. 
  • She shares the importance of family meetings when our children reach the tween and teen age and offers some tips on what to discuss with our children when having this time.
  • Tess shares what she is most grateful for in the last episode of The Parenting Reset Show of 2021. She can't wait to share more lessons, strategies and tips  in 2022!

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