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28. A Conversation with Teen Girls

Tess Connolly, LCSW talks with 2 teen girls about what it’s like to be a teen; their struggles, joys, friendships and how they feel connected in their families.

  • The teen girls share what their biggest struggles are. Which include balancing school, work and their personal life. 
  • The girls talk about friendships and how they differ now from when they were in middle school.
  • Tess asks about the topic of bullying and judgement that they face as teens and whether this is a struggle as a teen compared to what they may have faced in middle school. 
  • The girls share past experiences and how this has shaped them as a teenager. 
  • Tess discusses with the girls about how they cope with day to day stresses that they face.
  • The girls talk about their joys of being a teen and that they love having more freedom and being treated differently and being given more responsibility.
  • The girls share what they want parents to know about their life and how they would like to be treated by their parents.
  • They also touch on being allowed to be on social media and what it feels like if you are not allowed to be on social media and how this affects them in their social groups. They also talk about the negative side to social media also and how this affects teenagers mental health. 
  • They also share about how they would like parents to look at their own child to understand what they are ready for with regards to giving them more responsibility and freedom.
  • They talk about connections within their family and what they love about these connections and traditions they have and the importance of them.  
  • The girls are most grateful for their family, friends and that they are safe and healthy and the connections they have with their families. They also share how they are grateful for the great community they live in. 


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