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27. Raising Humans with Heart Conversation with Sarah MacLaughlin

Tess Connolly talks to Sarah MacLaughlin about her book Raising Humans with Heart

  • Tess talks about Sarah’s book and shares her thoughts about what she loved about the book and introduces Sarah and shares a bit about her background before their conversation. 
  • Sarah talks about the ideas in her book and the idea of who we are as a parent rather than what we are saying to our kids. She talks about the perception of what your child sees when you react to situations and how they begin to emanate this and the importance of these reactions and the impact this can have. What do we want to be showing our children? 
  • They discuss the importance of self-care as a parent and how this is so important in a parents life.
  • Tess and Sarah talk about how parents can start to shift the way they are as a parent. Sarah shares ways that we can meet our needs as a parent to better model our life to our children. 
  • Tess shares how she fits in self- care into her life to help give you some ideas of how you can fit these times into your life to help you feel more grounded.
  • Tess talks about the goodness she found within Sarah’s book and the value it offers.
  • Sarah talks about the three step strategy to help you self-regulate that she includes in her book and how we can use this in our lives. 
  • Tess and Sarah share examples of how they use the strategy in their lives. 
  • Tess tells us about her gratitude tree in her garden. Sarah also shares how her family shows gratitude within her home.
  • Sarah shares her final thoughts about the challenging time of the pandemic and shares the quote ‘Be really gentle with yourself.’ She shares how we are all going through stressful times at the moment and we just need to be kind to ourselves through this time. 
  • Sarah is most grateful for her health and her family. 

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