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26. A Conversation with Tween Girls


Tess Connolly, LCSW talks with 3 tween girls about what it’s like to be a tween; their struggles, joys and how they cope with the stress of middle school.


  • Tess talks about the similarities that came up between the girls and boys.
  • Tess talks about having intentional time together and how important it is for tweens.
  • The girls share with us about what they enjoy in life.
  • The girls talk about their struggles, those being keeping up with standards and the pressure they feel especially keeping up with beauty standards that being a girl brings. 
  • They talk about how they enjoy being carefree and can do what they like to a degree in their spare time and that they enjoy the fact that they now have more than one teacher at school and how they like this differentiation in middle school. 
  • They talk about how they cope with having to think about the way they look and the pressures that this brings at this age. 
  • They talk about what they would like parents to know about tweens these days. 
  • The girls share what makes them feel most connected within their families.
  • The girls discuss what they think their parents know about them and how their relationship is like between them and their parents. 
  • They are grateful that they can go to an amazing school that they go to and that they have an amazing family and have a roof over their head and the food that they have available to them. They are grateful for their friends and community and where they live.

Connect with Therese (Tess) Connolly, LCSW, CCC here: [email protected]


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