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25. My Own Reset this Year...Stumbles, Insights, Bearing Witness and "Stalking Jack"

Tess Connolly, LCSW reveals her own reset over this year; her stumbles, insights and lessons learned.

  • Tess introduces the episode and shares why she is sharing her own reset and why she feels it is important to take moments and times to acknowledge our own journey through the wins and the slip ups. 
  • Tess shares snippets of her life over the last year, giving some background of her life and what she has been through and what led her to making a reset. 
  • Tess talks about how she was completely overwhelmed and how she reached a point where she couldn't sustain everything that she had to do. It was at this point she took a step back and reviewed her life and looked at what she could do to get through this time and how she was going to move forward. 
  • She talks about going through the grief of her relationship ending and shares how she moved forward from this, sharing tips of how to cope if you find yourself in this situation. 
  • She speaks about how she went to her closest friends and got feedback about herself and her situation and how much this helped just to have some deep honest conversations with people she trusted. 
  • She shares with us about her reconnection with her partner and how she lifted herself out of where she was and the changes that she has made to get back on the path of personal growth and growing her business. 
  • She talks about the importance of taking some time for yourself.
  • She talks about her passion for parenting and how she has made some shifts in her parenting membership to fit with the needs of the members so she can serve them in the best way possible. 
  • Tess talks about how we need to give ourselves permission just to stop and reflect over the last year and see if there are areas that need a reset within our lives. 
  • Tess shares her story about "Stalking Jack" and how meeting Jack Kornfield helped her reconnect with his work and his amazing stories and how this time helped her find her presence and grounding and her compassion for herself and others and her equanimity in her life.
  • Tess tells us about how she is looking forward to taking time in her life in 2022 to move a bit slower and be more inline with her values and who she is and being a little more vulnerable. 

Connect with Therese (Tess) Connolly, LCSW, CCC here: [email protected]


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