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22. How to Make a Parent Identity Reset

Tess Connolly, LCSW talks with Hannah Stainer is a Wellbeing Coach, a qualified Teacher, Mentor and Speaker. She’s the creator and host of the Psykhe Mental Wellbeing Podcast. Hannah is a keen Mental Health advocate and holds several voluntary support roles and is a member of the British Psychological Society.

  • Hannah tells us about the work that she has done with neuro diverse children and how this got her interested in looking into identity. It was from this time that she transitioned into helping children with their wellbeing and then onto working with parents to help them have an impact, by helping them look after themselves and supporting them through their parenting journey. 
  • Tess and Hannah talk about how easily parents can lose themselves going through their parenting journey and why it is important to not only look after our children but also look after ourselves and the great impact this can have on the way we parent.
  • Hannah shares with us some strategies to help us not lose ourselves whilst on our parenting journey. 
  • Hannah and Tess talk about how important it is to remember who WE are amongst all the other roles that we have in our lives. 
  • They discuss the importance of acceptance and how we need to give permission to take some time for ourselves and how this can be really effective to help us parent more effectively. 
  • Hannah is most grateful for her friends and their support and friendship. 

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