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21. Launching an Older Teen into Adulthood

Tess Connolly talks with Danica Copp about launching an older teen.

  • Danica talks about her background in social work and how she was drawn to working with teenagers in adolescence.
  • Tess and Danica talk about how tech features so heavily in the social side of a teenagers life now and how that compares to a couple of decades ago for them. 
  • Danica gives us an overview of the adolescent brain in the older teen years. 
  • Tess and Danica talk about the period of growth through the teenage years and up until their early twenties and how they are in a download stage of development on their road to independence. 
  • Danica talks about ways that we can help launch our teens as they transition into independence. 
  • Danica talks about the importance of staying connected and plugged in with your child through the teen years and recognizing that it is high pressure time for our children and is an exhausting time for them through this time. 
  • Danica is most grateful for being able to do work that she loves. 

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