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20. Building Resilience with our Children

Tess Connolly talks with Quinn Cashion, registered therapeutic counselor, social and emotional living educator, parent coach and author of Resilient: How to Engage the Well-Being andResilience of All Students. Her training programs introduce a simple understanding of the mind and its link to successful classroom management, student potential and teacher wellness.

  • Quinn talks about her career and how she came to create a resilience manual for children who have eating disorders which then got entered into the school system.
  • Quinn shares information about her 6-week program for parents to help them raise confident and resilient daughters.
  • Tess and Quinn talk about what resilience means to her and how we can understand it in a way that children can get into alignment with who they are.
  • Quinn talks about how when we have a greater understanding of the principles of resilience we can draw on it when we are in crisis or moments of struggle.
  • Quinn share with us how we can instill this quality of resilience in our children.
  • Tess and Quinn discuss how we can help our children through moments of stress and support them through these times.
  • Quinn is most grateful for the gift of seeing her two daughters’ resilience in action over the last 10 yrs of raising them on her own from pre-teen to now.  


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