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19. A Big Reset- Raising 5 children on a Sailboat

Tess Connolly talks to Tanya Hackney about raising 5 kids on a boat. 

  • Tanya tells us about their story and their life and travels on a boat over the last decade with their five children. What drove them to do it and make the reset to travel and sail to different countries and how they managed to do it and make it a success. 
  • We talked about how Tanya managed home life with their children and how they homeschooled all five of their children and brought them up on their boat. 
  • Tess and Tanya talk about how they tackle the social side of their life and how they could still meet the needs of what their children needed growing up whilst on their travels.
  • Tanya talked about how they came back to Florida Keys and how they transitioned to being back again after their travels. The culture shock that they found when they came back into mainstream life. 
  • Tess and Tanya talked about the pros and cons of their life and how they lived day to day. 
  • We discussed how they all got on together growing up and how they lived in a small space. How they had time to themselves and how they worked as a family when times were tough. 
  • Tanya shared her story of when they had a year without screens, how their children reacted and why they did this and what benefits it had for their family. 
  • They talk about their core values of their family and their strategies of how they brought up their children. 
  • Tess and Tanya talk about family meetings and the importance of them within our lives and how they are a great way of communicating with our tween and teens. 
  • We discuss how they fit their life on the boat and what they did instead of buying presents for birthdays. 
  • Tanya talks about the lessons that they have learned through this experience.
  • Tanya is most grateful that she went travelling when the children were young and that they left suburbia and travelled when travelling was easy without restrictions. That they took the plunge and did the scary thing and invested in their lifestyle. 

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