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78. Tutoring and finding the best one for your child

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Joanne Kaminski who is an online tutor and they discuss tutoring and homework and how to find a specialized tutor for your tween or teen.


  • Joanne introduces herself and gives us some background information about how she came to do the work she does now and explains about the work she does with tutoring children online. 
  • Tess and Joanne discuss the battle that parents face when trying to get homework done alongside all the other parental responsibilities. 
  • Joanne and Tess talk about the online tutoring she does to help children with their reading skills. 
  • Joanne and Tess discuss the question “When do we know when our child needs a tutor?”
  • Tess and Joanne talk about what an executive functioning coach is and when this would be helpful for your child. 
  • Tess and Joanne discuss how tutors can help with different ways for children to reach their learning. 
  • Joanne speaks about the difference between tutoring companies and professional freelance tutors. 
  • Joanne shares how we can access the professional freelance directory and how it can help you find the right tutor for your child.  
  • Joanne shares information about a tutor called Maria Geffers who helps kids when they start in high school know what career path they want to focus on so when they go through high school they can look at what classes to take. 
  • Joanne and Tess talk about what kind of help you may need and whether tutoring would be a good fit.
  • Joanne is most grateful for the life that she has today and all the lessons she has learned in life that has brought her to where she is today. 

Click here to purchase Joanne Kaminski’s book - How to Start an Online Tutoring Business: Making 4-5 Figures a Month


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To listen to Joanne’s podcast follow this link - Professional Freelance Tutor Directory (


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