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114. Connect Parent Method: Discover How to Connect to your Tween or Teen with 3 Simple Skills

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Andee Martineau, a reformed yeller, a bestselling author, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting. Today on the podcast we discuss this strategy that helps parents stay calm, confident, and connected, building strong relationships with their kids that last.

Learn about Andee and the work that she does with parents.

Andee shares with us the moment when she realised she needed to pivot her parenting. (The Great Baby Powder Blizzard of 2006)

Tess and Andee discuss how we can look at our actions and pivot to make things calmer in our home.

Tess and Andee discuss Andee’s parenting approach known as Connect Method Parenting.

Tess and Andee explore the concept of shifting our parenting approach, emphsizing the need for curiosity about the underlying reasons behind our children’s behavior rather than becoming frustrated with their actions directed towards us.

Tess and Andee talk about the importance of connection and discuss ways of how we can show up and connect with our tweens and teens.

Tess and Andee discuss the importance of trusting in connection rather than correction and the importance of reading your child in the moment.

Tess and Andee talk about natural consequences/limits.

Andee is most grateful for where she lives in the mountains in the woods and the seasons that she experiences there.

Learn more about Andee here 👉 Welcome! – Connect Method Parenting


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