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116. Sleep to Heal: Empowering Ourselves and Our Tweens and Teens with the Secret of Optimal Rest and Rejuvenation

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Dr Abhinav Singh,a physician with board certifications in sleep medicine and internal medicine. Currently, Dr. Singh serves as medical director at the Indiana Sleep Center, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is also a clinical assistant professor at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he developed and teaches a sleep medicine rotation to medical students. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and has received a Top Doctor award in sleep medicine for the last four years. Dr. Singh is a peer reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and Sleep Health (a journal of the National Sleep Foundation). A sleep physician for the NBA team the Indiana Pacers, Dr. Singh also serves on the medical review panel of

Charlotte Jensen co-authored with Dr Singh Sleep to Heal: 7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep, coming out in June 2023. Charlotte is a writer and editor specializing in technology, marketing, business, and the arts. For more than a decade, Jensen worked as senior writer, articles editor, and executive editor for Entrepreneur magazine, where she took a leading role in shaping editorial content and direction for the award-winning national consumer magazine and its readership of 1.2 million. Jensen’s work has been featured in HuffPost, AOL Small Business, and a variety of small-business websites, and she is currently a copy editor for luxe lifestyle brand RH (Restoration Hardware). She has also provided first-draft edits for several nonfiction books, including Fight Cancer With Vitamins and Supplements: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment (Healing Arts Press). Jensen has a B.A. in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach. She lives & works in the San Francisco metro area.


Learn about Dr. Abhinav Singh and Charlotte Jensen, co-authors of the book 'Sleep to Heal', and how they came to work together.

Dr. Abhinav Singh discusses his work in helping patients with sleep-related issues and his professional background.

Dr. Abhinav Singh shares his insights on what he considers the greatest enemy to quality sleep.

Dr. Abhinav Singh emphasizes the significance of sleep and explains how a lack of sleep can affect overall well-being.

Tess, Charlotte and Dr. Abhinav Singh discuss a particular section of the book, 'The Sleep Elevator,' that provided Tess valuable insights into understanding sleep.

Tess and Dr. Abhinav Singh delve into the habits and practices necessary for good sleep, both for adults and children.

Tess and Dr. Abhinav Singh explore the topic of sleep supplements, and Dr. Abhinav Singh shares his perspective on their use.

Tess and Dr. Abhinav Singh discuss strategies for dealing with sleep disturbances while traveling across different time zones.

Tess and Dr. Abhinav Singh explore the concept of the glymphatic system and its connection to brain health during sleep.

Tess and Dr. Abhinav Singh talk about the benefits of napping and the positive impact of 900 seconds.

Dr. Abhinav Singh concludes by sharing his final thoughts and providing tips for families to improve their sleep habits, highlighting the six 'S' factors for quality sleep. Remember – tomorrow starts tonight!


Get the book here 👉 Sleep to Heal: 7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep: Singh M.D. M.P.H. F.A.A.S.M., Abhinav, Jensen, Charlotte: 9781630062347: Books

Listen to Dr Abhinav Singh’s Ted Talk here 👉 (25) What would you do for $13.5 million? - YouTube


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