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119. How Can I Provide a Supportive Environment that Empowers my Tween Girl to Embrace her Unique Journey?

In this episode, join host Tess Connolly LCSW along with special guests Becky Fife, Katie Parker, and Allie Callister who are the minds behind "I Believe in Me," an innovative online membership program designed for tween girls as they navigate the journey of self-discovery.


⭐ ️Discover the inspiring story of how Katie, Becky, and Allie united to create "I Believe in Me." Explore their mission to promote self-motivation and resilience in tween girls through powerful tools and daily habits to foster growth.


⭐️ Gain insight into the comprehensive support offered by the "I Believe in Me" membership program. ️ Explore the diverse range of topics addressed within the membership, touching on challenges that tween girls commonly face.


⭐️Tess Connolly engages Becky, Katie, and Allie in a candid discussion about handling difficult situations and their approach to providing support.


⭐ Learn about the role of parental involvement in the "I Believe in Me" membership program and how it complements the support for tween girls.


⭐ ️Dive into how "I Believe in Me" celebrates and cheers on tween girls as they discover their unique selves and chart their paths to success. Explore the metaphor of being the master gardener of their lives and the importance of self-confidence and self-identity.


⭐️ Allie is most grateful for the sun, Becky is most grateful for new beginnings and second chances, Katie is most grateful for opportunities and Tess is most grateful for meeting and connecting with other human beings that are out in the world doing work that is supporting and serving others in some way shape or form.

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