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126. Breaking the Cycle: Nurturing Resilience in Kids to Prevent ‘Long Term’ Trauma

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a conversation with Kristina Heagh-Avritt who is recognized by her peers, parents, volunteers, students and staff for her compassion, commitment and results in the coaching and training of children and their parents. Today on the podcast we discuss long-term trauma and ways we can prevent this.


⭐Learn how Kristina came to be working with parents and children online.

⭐️Explore Kristina’s thoughts on building resilience when we have got challenging family circumstances or experiences and not cause any long term trauma.

⭐Tess and Kristina talk about the importance of letting your child’s educator know what is happening for your child at home so their educator knows what is going on with them so they can help them whilst in their care.

⭐ Join Tess and Kristina as they discuss how children have a sense when something is going on at home and the importance of discussing with our children what is going on in the most appropriate way so they are aware and know why they are sensing the feeling they are from you.

⭐Tess and Kristina speak about the importance of remodelling to our children so they can build their resilience.

⭐Tess and Kristina discuss schedules and routines and how this can affect our children’s behaviour and also how we navigate this with different family dynamics.

⭐Kristina shares with us information about Vibrant Family Education and how important it is to look at different kinds of education for your child that works for them if the ‘norm’ isn't working for them.

⭐Kristina is most grateful for all the amazing people that she gets to meet and all the amazing families that she gets to work with. Helping parents not feel alone.

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