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127. Understanding Our Family of Origins and The Impact on Our Teens

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a conversation with Justine Carino a licensed mental health counselor, anxiety treatment specialist and host of “Thoughts from the Couch” podcast as they provide valuable insights into family dynamics, roles, and strategies for fostering healthy relationships.

⭐Learn about Justine's role as a licensed mental health counselor and her impactful work with families.

⭐Tess and Justine delve into the concept of 'family of origin'—what it is and the profound impact it can have on teens as they embark on the journey of self-discovery and identity in the world.

⭐Tess and Justine dissect the various roles teenagers can play in the homeostasis of the family system. They unpack the dynamics of rebel child, golden child, parentified child, and peacemaker, and give you an understanding of how these roles shape individuals through their teenage and adult lives.

⭐ Tess and Justine discuss the importance of reflecting on the roles we played in our family dynamics during our youth and how these experiences may continue to shape our adult lives.

⭐Tess and Justine emphasize that these terms aren't mere labels but roles we've played in our youth, and our children may be playing within our own families now.

⭐Justine shares practical tips and strategies for parents to identify these roles within their households and navigate the information we gain effectively.

⭐Tess and Justine explore the positive and negative impacts of these roles on teens, emphasizing the importance of teens embracing their authentic selves.

⭐Kristina is most grateful for slowing down and being more intentional where she is putting her time and energy.


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