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128. How to Have Your College Bound Teen Write the Best College Essays and Why They Are So Important

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a conversation with Ben Urwand, owner of Real College Essays, who works with college applicants, helping them specifically with the essay portion of their application. Today, on the podcast they discuss the importance of the essay portion of college applications.


⭐Ben emphasizes the enduring impact of a well-written essay that transcends the application process, exploring how thoughtful writing can resonate beyond college admissions.

⭐Tess and Ben delve into the intricacies of crafting an effective essay. Ben shares insights into his process, helping applicants develop compelling narratives.

⭐Ben sheds light on his approach to assisting teens in uncovering meaningful experiences to articulate in their application essays.

⭐ Tess and Ben discuss the common challenges teens encounter when deciding on the content and style of their college application essays.

⭐Ben provides valuable advice on avoiding pitfalls and shares strategies for creating essays that are both captivating and unique.

⭐Tess and Ben share anecdotes from Ben's experiences working with teens, offering listeners a glimpse into the transformative journey of essay writing.

⭐Tess and Ben outline the services he provides and discuss the optimal time for students to start contemplating and composing their application essays.

⭐Gain insights into Ben's personal journey and how he found himself dedicated to helping teens navigate the challenging terrain of college application essays.

⭐Ben is most grateful that he gets to do what he loves and that he gets to write what he wants in his own time and the freedom to do this is what he lives for.

Find our more about Ben’s work here 👉Real College Essays | College Application Help & Essay Consulting


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