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129. How to Provide Healthy Meals for your Family Without Breaking the Bank

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a conversation with Rachel Coons, a renowned expert in budget-friendly meal planning and savvy grocery shopping, as they share practical tips and strategies to help parents navigate family finances.

⭐Rachel shares her personal journey into budgeting for her family and its positive impact on their finances.


⭐Tess and Rachel discuss the challenges of budgeting in their local area, addressing the high costs and the struggle to stay within budget for families.


⭐Rachel offers three actionable tips to help parents shift their habits and make effective changes in their approach to budget-friendly food shopping and meal planning.


⭐ Tess and Rachel explore common spending patterns that families fall into and discuss strategies to break out of these habits to reduce overall spending.


⭐Tess and Rachel examine priorities and discuss how a mindset shift can positively impact family finances, particularly in relation to dining out.


⭐Tess and Rachel delve into the benefits of meal planning, emphasizing how it can contribute to healthier eating habits and financial savings.


⭐They explore the concept of price matching and its role in reducing overall costs within a shopping budget.


⭐Rachel shares her grocery saving guide, providing insights into her shopping method and how it can be applied for effective budgeting.


⭐Rachel is most grateful for her family and her life and also she is super grateful for her intelligence and the ability to learn and grow. She is grateful for who she is and who she can become.

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