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130. ‘Flipping the Switch’ Navigating Parenting with Love Consciousness

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a thought-provoking conversation with groundbreaking thinker and consciousness expert Dr. Tery Baydar. Dr. Teri, author of the recently published book, "FLIP YOUR SWITCH: The Proven Process to Create a Higher Consciousness and Live a More Purposeful Life," shares her insights on consciousness, personal growth, and navigating parenthood with a love-conscious approach.


⭐Dr. Teri shares her journey researching consciousness, exploring the depths of awareness and unraveling the complexities that shape our minds and hearts as humans.

⭐Tess and Dr. Teri delve into the concepts of "War Consciousness" and "Love Consciousness," exploring how understanding these can transform the parental journey.

⭐Dr. Teri unveils the transformative content of her book, guiding listeners on how to shift from detrimental consciousness that leads to unhappiness and unhealthy relationships. She delves into the process of embracing love-consciousness, offering a path to improved health, happiness, and fulfilling relationships.

⭐Tess and Dr. Teri speak about how parents can look into their consciousness type and shift towards a love-conscious approach..

⭐Navigating the challenges of the teenage years, Dr. Teri offers insights on how awareness of our own programming can guide us through these times.

⭐Tess and Dr. Teri challenge societal norms and discuss the "happiness formula," emphasizing that different paths lead to fulfillment, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

⭐Exploring social constructs, Tess and Dr. Teri encourage listeners to design their own conscious relationships and behaviors rather than conforming to external pressures.

⭐Dr.Teri is most grateful for having had this journey of having this journey of understanding love consciousness. She feels so blessed to have a great understanding of this and be able to share it with others so others can experience the level of happiness that she gets to experience.

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