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131. Overcoming Struggles in Step Parenting and Blended Families

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a thought-provoking conversation with Maria Natapov a Step parenting Expert and Trusted Advisor to Divorce Professionals, Financial Advisors and Parenting Coaches. In today's podcast they dive into the nuances of blended families and step-parenting.

⭐Maria shares her personal story and how she became a supportive figure for stepparents and blended families.

⭐Tess and Maria discuss the essence of blended families, shedding light on their unique dynamics.

⭐Tess and Maria explore the significance of staying child-centric in co-parenting, with real-life examples to enhance understanding.

⭐Tess and Maria stress the importance of selecting the right context and audience for certain conversations, especially when children are involved.

⭐Tess and Maria offer some insightful tips on communicating with teens and tweens and how we navigate these conversations in a respectful way.

⭐Tess and Maria delve into loyalty binds, offering guidance on navigating through these challenging feelings they may be experiencing.

⭐Tess and Maria talk about the ‘business’ of parenting after divorce and how we navigate communications to co-parent successfully.

⭐Tess and Maria discuss the complexities of step parenting and the importance of mindfulness in blended families.

⭐Maria emphasizes the importance of allowing children to love both parents and navigating their personal journey with understanding and support.

⭐Maria is most grateful for the enriching conversation with Tess and reflects on her gratitude on the growth experienced through the step-parenting journey.

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