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133. Raising Emotionally Intelligent Boys

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a thought-provoking conversation with Ashley Rey, MBA, a Mother of 8, Life Coach, Trained Doula, and Author. Today, Tess and Ashley share their insights on raising emotionally intelligent boys, drawing from their own experiences.

⭐Learn about Ashley's journey, her work supporting moms through the early days, and her transformation from a stay-at-home mom to a single working mom.

⭐Tess and Ashley discuss practical strategies for raising emotionally intelligent boys, drawing from their own experiences during the teenage years.

⭐Ashley shares alarming statistics about male suicide rates during COVID-19 and recounts conversations with her 15-year-old son on this crucial topic.

⭐Tess and Ashley explore the causes of suicide in men, the pressures they face, and ways to support teenage boys through these challenges.

⭐Tess and Ashyley highlight the positive role of social media in communication between parents and teens.

⭐Gain insights into the meaning of emotional intelligence and discover how parents can model these skills for their children.

⭐Tess and Ashley stress the importance of self-compassion in parenting and working on one's own emotional journey.

⭐Tess and Ashley discuss practical examples and strategies for nurturing emotional intelligence skills in tweens and teens.

⭐Ashley shares with listeners that they can enjoy a 20% discount on a 45-minute coaching session with her by using the code ‘Tess’ when booking through the free consultation on her website.

⭐Ashley is most grateful for getting a second chance at parenting from a place of more emotional health, going through her own healing journal.

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