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134. Journey Through Grief: Navigating Life’s Inevitable Struggles

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, for a profound conversation with Katie Louise Cooper, an end-of-life coach, mortality, and impermanence guide, as well as a ceremonialist.

⭐Learn about Katie's personal journey and how she found her calling as an end-of-life coach and ceremonialist.

⭐Tess and Katie delve into the multifaceted aspects of grief, exploring the ways individuals experience it and its connection to personal values.

⭐Explore how Katie works with families, addressing the internalization of feelings by children. Uncover how she helps free families from the constraints of grief, fostering connection and rebuilding relationships..

⭐Tess and Katie share perspectives on how parents can approach the sensitive topic of death and grief with their children. Discover practical insights for supporting children through these challenging experiences.

⭐Gain a deeper understanding of the individuals Katie helps and the transformative ways in which she supports them through end-of-life coaching and guiding them through the complexities of mortality.

⭐Katie is most grateful for being alive and more able to embrace the tenderness of herself. She is grateful to be learning how to be compassionate and loving and tender with herself and to be connected to the hearts of so many people working to do their best and honor life in the fullest way possible.

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