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138. From Green to Red: Navigating Teen Stress Levels

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, for an enlightening conversation with Donovan Dryer, a teen takeoff coach dedicated to helping young adults find their right path in life.

⭐Donovan shares his journey of realizing the need for a different path after investing five years and significant resources in obtaining his pilot's license.

⭐Tess and Donovan discuss the importance of paying attention to the signs when seeking the right path for the future.

⭐Donovan elaborates on his personal journey of finding his right path and how he assists young adults in doing the same.

⭐Donovan reflects on his experience as a school counselor and his role in supporting young adults within the school system.

⭐Tess and Donovan explore Donovan's traffic light system, a tool for parents, teachers, and counselors to assess and respond to the stress levels of children.

⭐Tess and Donovan talk about the importance of support systems and strategies for managing stress, including examples at different stress levels, is discussed

⭐Tess and Donovan share insights on managing social media influences like Snapchat streaks and leveraging them to cultivate positive habits.

⭐Tess and Donovan discuss signs indicating the need for professional help, particularly when stress levels reach the red zone.

⭐Donovan is most grateful for the discoveries and being at the front line of school tragedies and he is grateful to be able to help children at the red zone and now being able to optimize there mental health and be able to help take a lot off their plate and help them in a powerful way to fly out the nest in their best life.

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