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140. Summer Reset Camp For Kids That Need Downtime

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, for an enlightening conversation with Michael Jacobus who is a seasoned Camp Director and youth development specialist, globally recognized for his expertise in child development and outdoor education.

⭐Learn how Michael entered his field and created a digital detox program for teenagers.

⭐Discover how the program works and what activities are included for the participants.

⭐Tess and Michael discuss the issues surrounding teens and technology and how the camp addresses these challenges.

⭐Understand how to determine if your child would benefit from the digital detox program and identify signs of tech addiction.

⭐Michael explains the sign-up process, eligibility criteria, and what to expect during enrollment.

⭐Hear about the range of children Michael helps and the different types of tech addictions they face.

⭐Learn about the family workshop weekend included at the end of the program and the follow-up support for families.

⭐Michael goes through what the program consists of, detailing the different activities offered and how these support the therapy provided throughout the program.

⭐Tess and Michael talk about the transformation that he sees in the children that go through the digital detox programme.

⭐Get tips on how to talk to your child about participating in the digital detox program.

⭐Michael introduces his online program for parents to help manage their children's tech addictions and outlines what it includes

⭐Find out about Michael's new book, “Unhappy Campers,” designed to help parents navigate their children's tech addiction issues.

⭐Michael is most grateful for his family.

Find out more about Michael Jacobus and the Digital Detox Program here 👉Digital Detox Programs | Reset Summer Camp | Orange

Get Michael’s book here 👉 UNHAPPY CAMPERS: How technology, social media and online gaming are creating a generation of unhappy, depressed and angry kids. eBook : Jacobus, Michael, Gutensohn, Shelly: Kindle Store


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