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142. Building Resilience with Teens

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, for an enlightening conversation with Nina Sossaman Pogue who is a sought-after speaker, two-time best-selling author, and podcast host.

⭐Discover how Nina helps individuals and organizations thrive through challenges and reach new levels of success.

⭐Learn about overcoming failure and building resilience. Tess and Nina discuss how parents can support their children through failures.

⭐Explore how to talk to yourself during success and failure and navigate life's transitions.

⭐Understand the importance of allowing children to fail and learn valuable life lessons.

⭐Tess and Nina address the complexities of middle school friendships and parental navigation.

⭐The importance of trusted therapists and mentors for children to discuss issues they might not share with parents.

⭐Nina explains her four-part framework to help individuals thrive through tough times.

⭐Delve into the first part of Nina's framework, focusing on how viewing our life's timeline can provide perspective and aid in understanding our experiences.

⭐Insights on how the small moments shared with children are the ones they remember most.

⭐ Discussion on the importance of mindful language when talking to ourselves and others.

⭐Nina is most grateful that all three of her kids are in a good place and that they are happy and also she is grateful for her own health.


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