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143. How Does Your Past Shape Your Children’s Future?

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in a thought-provoking conversation with Kevin Baker, a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in empowering teenagers. Today, they delve into the topic of parenting baggage.

⭐Discover how Kevin supports tweens and teens facing life's challenges.

⭐Kevin emphasizes helping children focus on positivity and future possibilities, utilizing their skills, passions, and values to carve meaningful life paths.

⭐Learn from Kevin about parental baggage—the influences from our own upbringing and life experiences that unconsciously affect our parenting decisions and interactions with our children.

⭐Tess and Kevin discuss methods for parents to identify and process their baggage, enabling more conscious parenting choices through self-reflection.

⭐They explore the impact of family of origin and how our upbringing influences parenting behavior and shapes our worldview.

⭐Tess and Kevin discuss the importance of mindful behavior modeling and how it impacts children's development.

⭐They examine how parents' subconscious beliefs are transmitted to their children and strategies to address this.

⭐Tess and Kevin share insights on how parents can adapt their parenting approach, fostering physical, mental, and emotional growth in their children.

⭐ They provide strategies for parents to unpack and address their baggage, promoting positive parenting approaches and personal growth.

⭐ Finally, Tess and Kevin discuss practical methods for parents to manage their expectations and effectively guide and coach their children through challenges.

⭐Kevin is most grateful for the power of positivity and the power of positive thinking. Finding the silver lining to make you feel better and then you'll behave better and your actions will be better and your results will be better.

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