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84. Hypnotherapy for Parenting, skills and strategies to manage stress

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Rebecca Shaw a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and personal development coach they discuss the work she does and how she helps families using hypnotherapy. 


  • Rebecca introduces herself and tells us a bit about the work she does with families.
  • Rebecca shares with us the definition of hypnotherapy and how it can help us.
  • Tess and Rebecca discuss some of the myths about hypnotherapy we may hear. 
  • Tess shares her thoughts of her experience with hypnotherapy and visualisation. 
  • Rebecca shares with us about what she does within her sessions and how it can help our tweens and teens. 
  • Tess shares her story of what happened when Rebecca gifted a hypnotherapy session to Tess’s teen son and how she introduced the idea to him.
  • Tess and Rebecca talk about ways we can discuss hypnotherapy with our tweens and teens if we think that this therapy would benefit them.  
  • Rebecca shares her experience as a Mom with a child with ODD and how she worked through this and strategies she used and how she helps other parents and children going through a similar journey.
  • Rebecca tells us how she helps parents with strategies that help them cope with stress, anxiety and depression and how this can help us within our parenting journey. 
  • Rebecca is grateful for her health and her children and for doing the work she loves and where she lives.   


You can learn more about Rebecca and her work at Rebecca Taylor Shaw — Charleston Hypnosis Center

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