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85. Trigger, React and Guilt Cycles in Parenting

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Beth Hardy who is a parent and life coach, they discuss the trigger,react and regret cycle in parenting. 


  • Beth introduces herself and tells us her story about how she came to be doing the work she does with families. 
  • Beth and Tess discuss the trigger part of the cycle and what this looks like in our homes and how we can deal with these moments. 
  • Tess and Beth talk about the reaction part of the cycle and what this looks like in our daily lives. 
  • Beth talks about the regret that comes after the trigger and reaction part of the cycle. 
  • Tess and Beth talk about what we can do when we realise that we are in this cycle of trigger, react and regret. 
  • Beth shares with us a ‘special trick’ called neuro linguistic programming which can help aid us to interrupt the trigger that we feel within this cycle many parents face. 
  • Beth gives an example of anchoring and shows us how we can use this to help interrupt our triggers when they happen. 
  • Tess shares with us a trigger that she experiences with her son and then Beth and Tess talk through how to put the anchor in place in this situation.
  • Beth helps us to create our anchor through a calming exercise. 
  • Beth talks about how as parents we need to make sure we take care of ourselves as well as our children, to ensure that we are modelling the right behaviour to our children. 
  • Tess shares with us how she does this with her son. 
  • Beth tells us about her programme that she runs called ‘The Copse’ which helps parents with self-compassion. 
  • Beth is most grateful for this incredible life that she is living right now. 


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