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86. Neurodiversity and Tutoring

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Caroline Sumners who is the Founder & President of Empower Academic Coaching they discuss how we can support our neurodivergent children.


  • Caroline introduces herself and talks about the work she does with neurodivergent kids.  
  • Caroline describes neurodivergence to us.  
  • Tess and Caroline talk about the strengths of neurodivergent children. 
  • Tess and Caroline discuss what we as parents can do if you suspect that your child might be neurodivergent. 
  • Caroline shares with us some signs that you can look for as a parent and gives us an example of how these might look in your child. 
  • Tess and Caroline talk about how and when these signs may show. 
  • Caroline shares her top five ways to support neurodivergent children. 
  • Tess shares different ways you can get support from your school. 
  • Tess and Caroline talk about the importance of connection between you and your child. 
  • Tess and Caroline discuss how we can help our neurodivergent child to be organised through looking at something that they enjoy doing to help them come up with a strategy.
  • Caroline talks about being your child’s “thought partner” and helping them come up with strategies rather than offering them a solution. . 
  • Caroline shares with us where we can go to find out more about neurodiversity and the importance of doing this so we can understand our children. 
  • Caroline talks about the importance of parents being their child’s advocate and ways they can do this.
  • Tess and Caroline talk about the importance of having a support system and that it is a good thing to reach out for help and support.  
  • Caroline is most grateful for nature and how as a neurodivergent person she finds that enjoying nature really benefits her and can help her to reset. 


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