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87. The Parent Compass Book

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Cynthia Muchnick MA who is an author, speaker and educational consultant about her book that she co wrote with Jenn Curtis MSW The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World.


  • Cynthia introduces herself and talks about how ‘The Parenting Compass’ came about and the two main goals of the book, which are to preserve the mental health of teens and to preserve the relationship between the parent and teen.   
  • Tess talks about how she looks at parenting a teen as we are “raising an adult”.
  • Tess and Cynthia speak about ways that we may be thinking we are helping our kids when we actually might be over helping them. 
  • Tess and Cynthia discuss the lack of information for parents of teens. 
  • Tess talks about the way parenting is a journey, we don’t learn what to do and that's it. We have to reset along the way and learn more through the process of our children growing.  
  • Tess and Cynthia talk about the importance of looking back to how we were raised as children before we can look forward at our parenting. 
  • Cynthia talks about questionnaires that she has within ‘The Parenting Compass’  to help parents look at their parenting and build a pathway going forward. 
  • Tess talks about the language we can use as parents when we are wanting to go through a reset in our parenting.  
  • Cynthia talks about her strategy of ‘sprinkling’ that she uses within her parenting.  
  • Tess and Cynthia speak about when you transition as a parent from your child wanting you to be there for them, to that point when they want to begin to gain more independence. 
  • Tess and Cynthia talk about the importance of parents taking time for self-care, meaning time away from the parent/child relationship.    
  • Tess and Cynthia talk about how we as parents need to step away from being too involved in our children's lives and they give us some examples of how we can do this. 
  • Cynthia is most grateful for her family and her health and clean water and living in a western society that allows freedom to think freely and lastly she is grateful that her kids love her and don't hold some of her mistakes against her. 


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