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90. Peaceful Discipline - Story teaching, brain science and better behavior

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Sarah Moore, Founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting about her new book Peaceful Discipline - Story teaching, brain science and better behavior”


  • Sarah talks about the work that she does through her parent coaching. 
  • Tess and Sarah discuss the importance of our parenting journey being “parent centric”.
  • Sarah talks about her book and how it evolved. 
  • Tess and Sarah talk about the connection between parent and child. 
  • Tess and Sarah discuss “back talk” and how we navigate this. 
  • Sarah talks about being aware of our “inner child”. 
  • Sarah gives an outline of what is in her book “Positive Discipline”. 
  • Sarah shares with us about the section in her book, the “story teaching concept” 
  • Tess and Sarah speak about “repair” through parenting and resetting our connection with our child. 
  • Sarah is most grateful for the first doctor she saw about her daughter that lit the fire in her belly and sent her down a research trail, and helped change her world for the better and also help create a safer, stronger and emotionally healthier world for her child. 


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