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91. Single Mom Pivot

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Karey Spransy who is a life coach who focuses with adults on tough life circumstances. 


Tess and Karey talk about: 


  • Karey talks about her background and how she became a life coach.
  • They talk about taking our experiences and using them to grow and reset.
  • They discuss Karey’s pivot in life and how she managed this reset. 
  • They talk about the time when tweens and teens begin to push back. 
  • They discuss curfews with our tweens and teens. 
  • They speak about having open and honest communication. 
  • Tess and Karey talk about budgets that we have as families. 
  • Karey talks about the importance of having open conversations about sex. 
  • They talk about the importance of showing humanity as a parent. 
  • Karey is most grateful for her son. The hardest and most wonderful, magical and amazing thing that she has done in her life and it has taught her so much about who she is and she wouldn't trade it in for anything.  


Learn more about Karey here 👉 Karey Spransy helps you Design Your Life — KareyOn Coaching


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