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92. Foundations of Connection

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Clarissa Constantine, a certified life coach and founder of the Parent Tween connection; they discuss the foundation of connection with our tweens and teens. 

  • Clarissa talks about what she does and how she came to be working with tweens. 
  • Clarissa tells us about what the foundations of connection stand for and how this acronym can help us on our parenting journey. 
  • They discuss each of the components of the foundations of connection and look at them a bit deeper and speak about how we can use them to guide our parenting.  
  • They discuss creating a safe space, non-judgement, challenging your truths, taking your time and nurturing and much more….
  • Clarissa talks about the importance of journaling and how it can help unload your mind and clear distractions.
  • Clarissa is most grateful for her life and everything that has happened along the way and how it has shaped who she is. 

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