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93. She Builds, How to Deal with Hustle Culture as a Mom to a Tween or Teen

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Jadah Sellner about her book “She Builds” which is all about women entrepreneurs avoiding burnout, they discuss ways of balancing business and being a parent. 



  • Jadah introduces herself and tells us a bit about what she does to help parents in business and how she balances work with being a Mom. 
  • They talk about expectations that are on Moms culturally to be doing all the things and the anxiety that this can cause in our lives. 
  • They discuss the importance of putting ourselves in a place of stillness to have that space in our own mind to listen.  
  • They talk about how we start to slow down and put this into practice in our lives. 
  • They discuss being ok with the fact that we can’t always get everything done.
  • They speak about how we adjust our commitments and release the pressure.  
  • Tess and Jadah speak about health, wealth and wellness. Making sure we take time for self-care. 
  • Jadah talks about moments of connection with her teenage daughter helping her with her self care and coping strategies.
  • Jadah is most grateful for the relationships that she has in her life and the beautiful support that she has that she can lean on in different seasons of her life. 

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