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94. Human Design and Parenting

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Marie Adell who is a human design consultant and parent coach.

  • Marie introduces herself and explains to us about what human design is and how it can help us in our parenting.  
  • Marie and Tess talk through how we can use the human design chart, using Tess’s son’s chart as an example to show us how it works. 
  • Tess and Marie discuss how knowing your chart can help you understand yourself and who you are and why you feel and do the things you do. 
  • Marie talks through what each of the sections on the design chart mean and how they connect.  
  • Marie and Tess discuss ways how we can talk about this with our child. 
  • Marie and Tess talk about how using this unique way of learning about your child can help build your connection with your tween/teen.   
  • Marie speaks about the importance of becoming familiar with our own design first and then we can then move onto learning about our children’s design.
  • Marie is most grateful for her husband and daughter and her life and where she is at and living out her design.   


Here is the link for the free chart at Jovian Archieve here 👉  Get Your Chart ( 

Learn more about Marie here 👉  (2) Marie Adell | Facebook - - (2) Color Your Life In HD | Facebook




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