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102. Girl Drama and 4 Ways Parents Can Support Girls

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Sheri Gazitt who is the founder of Teen Wise and a parent and teen coach, she is passionate about empowering parents and teens through the adolescent years.

  • Sheri shares her journey of how she came to be working in this area.   

  • Tess and Sheri discuss what tween/teen girls go through in this stage of their life journey as they go through early puberty. 

  • Sheri shares some thoughts on the ways we may be responding to our children that may not be helpful in supporting them. 

  • Sheri talks to us about ways that we can respond to our girls to help support them in a helpful way.    

  • Sheri shares some information about how she helps teen girls and parents through Teen Wise and her programme “Conquer Girl Drama in 90 Days”  

  • Sheri is most grateful for her family and going through the girl drama and coming out the other side, she now has amazing and thriving young women and is grateful that they are part of her life. 


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