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112. Learn 5 Ways to go from Chaos to Calm at Home

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Jenna Hermans, Co-founder of ‘Be Courageous’ and author of Chaos to Calm: 5 ways busy parents can break free from overwhelm. 


  • Learn about Jenna and the work that she does. 
  • Jenna shares with us the moment that she became so overwhelmed and the moment she realized things needed to change.   
  • Tess and Jenna talk about the changes she made as she made her shift in her parenting.  
  • Jenna shares with us ideas that we can start to work on to help with overwhelm. 
  • Jenna shares her five pillars from her book - efficiency, habits, community, communication and self-care and she explains them to us.
  • Tess and Jenna talk about her five pillars and how they can help our parenting journey to feeling less overwhelmed. 
  • Tess and Jenna discuss examples of how we can implement some of these ideas into our daily lives. 
  • Tess and Jenna talk about the meaning of calm and what it means to them. 
  • Jenna shares her last thoughts and motivates us to know that we can accomplish whatever we want just by taking it step by step and enjoying the journey along the way. 
  • Lindsey is most grateful to be connected with Tess and to have her friendship. 


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