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103. How to Build Resilience in our Tweens and Teens

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Dr. Kate Lund who is a licensed clinical psychologist, peak performance coach, best-selling author and Tedx Speaker, about practical strategies for parents to build resilience and thrive in the face of life's challenges.

  • Kate shares how she became an expert in building resilience and discusses her personal journey in this area.   

  • Kate shares with us about her experience of doing her Tedx talk “Finding Ordinary within the Extraordinary: The Superpower Children Need”

  • Tess and Kate discuss how Kate's own experience with a childhood illness helped shape her and build resilience.  

  • Kate provides her definition of resilience.  

  • They explore practical strategies for parents to build resilience

  • They talk about the importance of modelling resilience for our tweens and teens. 

  • Tess and Kate highlight the significance of fostering a transparent and authentic relationship with tweens and teens, underlining the importance of openness.

  • Kate is most grateful for her family and their love and support, her health and the possibilities moving forward and her dog.

Listen to Dr. Kate Lund’s Tedx talk here 👉 Kate Lund: Finding Ordinary within the Extraordinary: The Superpower Children Need | TED Talk

Find out more about Dr. Kate Lund here 👉


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