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104. Using a Medium in your Parenting; Exploring Channeling and its Benefits

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Stephanie Banks, an intuitive channel and mentor, as they discuss the benefits of intuitive parenting on this podcast episode. Gain valuable insights into this transformative practice and learn how it can help you connect with your child on a deeper level.


  • Learn about Stephanie's background and the parenting work she does with clients. Discover her unique approach to helping parents and how her expertise can benefit your family. 

  • Stephanie provides her insight into the definition of channelling and shares her personal interpretation of intuition.

  • Tess and Stephanie share their insights on the benefits of meditation for intuitive parenting.

  • Discover how Stephanie's unique approach and expertise can support you on your parenting journey. Learn about her transformative practices that enhance intuition and connection with your child.

  • Tess and Stephanie discuss how Stephanie's approach can help you understand your children on a deeper level. Discover how to connect with your child in a more meaningful way and gain a deeper understanding of their needs. 

  • Stephanie defines her understanding of the soul and speaks about its complexities.

  • Stephanie discusses the power of understanding our children on a deeper level and how it can help ease our own souls. 

  • Stephanie shares her unique session process and what you can expect. Gain valuable insights into her approach and expertise and learn how it can benefit you and your child. Plus, hear from Tess as she shares her personal experience of a session that she had with Stephanie. 

  • Stephanie highlights the benefits of using "parenting guides" to improve our parenting skills. She emphasizes the importance of tapping into these guides to enhance our approach.

  • Stephanie is most grateful for her soul and being willing to be here at this time which is very intense and very challenging for her as she feels every day the suffering that is happening because of human activity and choices. She is grateful to be here to breathe peace, life and harmony and love into that and that her soul can adequately fortify to do this. She is very grateful for her soul for being here now and experiencing what she is.  


Learn more about Stephanie here 👉 Follow Spirit Guides for Channeled Wisdom | Soul Insight


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