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106. A Unique App to Teach Kids How to Shop and Buy Online with Parental Guidance!

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Mari Collins Harris, co-founder of Ketshop, a parent-approved shopping app. Today on the podcast they discuss how to help our Tweens and Teens with spending and using money to make mindful purchases.   


  • Learn about Mari and her background and what Ketshop is and how it was born. 

  • Mari explains how her app works and how it can help your children learn to budget. 

  • Tess and Mari talk about the benefits of using this app and how it can help organize and create a parent approved list of items for our children. 

  • Tess and Mari talk about the benefits of children taking responsibility for their own money and how this app can help our tweens and teens begin to understand the value of money.

  • Mari talks about how limiting a child's choices is beneficial. 

  • Tess and Mari discuss how children can set goals within the app so children can see how they are progressing and they can focus on items that they really want. 

  • Tess and Mari speak about the benefits of the app to single parents and co-parenting situations.

  • Mari talks about how using the app can help create family harmony by creating a framework so everyone knows the conditions of a ‘yes’. 

  • Tess talks about how you could connect through putting things in the store together helping your children to see how you go through the decision process. 

  • Mari shares that you can also teach the children to save through the app and that it also includes a place where children can give to charities teaching them selflessness and generosity. 

  • Mari is most grateful for the snow stopping although she is grateful to have had the time and space to be together and spend time with her children without an agenda. 


You can find Mari’s App here 👉Home - Ketshop - parent-approved shopping 

Use Code RESET to receive $10 off your first shopping experience. 


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