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107. How to Talk with your Tween/Teen Girl about Menstruation and Puberty Changes

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Liz Vivian, a coach/menstruality mentor and a mom. Through her business, Raising Flora, she helps moms feel confident, be prepared and show up with compassion for their tween's first period. On the podcast today they talk about menstruation and periods and how we can support our tween/teen girls through this stage in their life. 


  • Learn about Liz and her background and how she came to create her business helping parents feel prepared to help their tween girls cope with their first period. 

  • Tess and Liz discuss their experience of when they began their periods and also going through menopause and perimenopause.  

  • Tess and Liz speak about the changes in our bodies through this time. 

  • Tess and Liz talk about mindset practices that help us to stay mindful of how we respond to our tween/teen girls around menstruation.   

  • Tess and Liz discuss the shift in parenting around this time and that we change to more of the guide and coach approach. They talk about how girls need more of a gentle and sensitive approach around this time in their lives. 

  • Tess and Liz speak about how we as parents can normalize periods and the full menstrual cycle experience.   

  • Tess and Liz discuss how we as parents can support our tweens and teens through this time.    

  • Tess and Liz talk about the importance of modelling behaviour so we are not shaming the experience but being more open about it.  

  • Liz shares with us what she offers to parents to help them support their daughters through this time in their tween and teen journey.  

  • Liz is most grateful for walking, she loves walking and it has become a really important part of her life. 


Learn more about Liz and her business here 👉 Raising Flora


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