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108. All about Trauma; Big and Small Trauma including Vicarious Trauma and How To Manage it with our Tweens/Teens

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Joelle Maletis, a world renowned international speaker, psychotherapist, trauma expert, and author of a TED-Ed PTSD video with over 3.2 million views. Today on the podcast they talk about trauma with our Tweens/Teens. 

  • Learn about Joelle as she talks about her life and career.

  • Tess and Joelle discuss her transition from being a professional dancer through to where she is now as a mentor and coach. 

  • Tess and Joelle speak about the pandemic and their experiences as parents through this time. 

  • Tess and Joelle talk about trauma and what it is and how it affects us. 

  • Tess and Joelle discuss how all children cope differently with trauma and also feel trauma in different ways.

  • Tess and Joelle speak about intergenerational trauma. 

  • Tess and Joelle discuss ways of how we can cope with these times when we are triggered. 

  • Tess and Joelle talk about what vicarious trauma is and share examples of how we see this type of trauma in our tween/teens life. 

  • Tess and Joelle discuss ways that we can navigate through our tweens/teens becoming more independent and having phones and access to social media that could cause vicarious trauma.   

  • Joelle is most grateful for her parents and her two amazing young adults. She is grateful for doing her job and parenting two amazing kids. She is grateful for allowing herself to make mistakes and is grateful to have the opportunity to apologize and try it again the next day. 

Learn more about Joelle and her business here 👉 Home - Joelle Rabow Maletis

Listen to Joelle’s TED-Ed PTSD video here 👉The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder - Joelle | TED-Ed


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