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109. How to Talk So Your Teens will Listen, and How to Listen So Your Teens will Talk

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Laura Lyles Reagan,  a Sociologist who has worked in youth development and parent education. Her approach, called ‘Co-Creation’ helps teens and parents grow the skills they need for positive relationships. Today on the podcast they talk about how to talk so your teens will listen, and how to listen so your teens will talk. 


  • Learn about Laura as she talks about her life and career and the work she does now.

  • Tess and Laura speak about the benefits of switching from the parent style of authoritarianism to relational parenting.   

  • Tess and Laura discuss how we as parents can get the teens involved directly in coaching sessions. 

  • Tess and Laura talk about treating the relationship not the tween/teen to find the solutions and the importance of focusing on the communication dynamics.   

  • Tess and Laura discuss how to talk so your teens will listen, and how to listen so your teens will talk. 

  • Tess and Laura speak about the importance of connection and taking the time to show your tween/teen that you have heard them and you are listening to them. 

  • Tess and Laura discuss that these skills take time to master but when you have these skills in place they can be transformational.  

  • Tess and Laura talk about the importance of being emotionally available for our tweens/teens so when they see or hear things in their life they feel that they can come and connect with you about this.    

  • Tess and Laura discuss the importance of mentors for tweens/teens and being open to that support and your tween/teens independence in the world.

  • Laura talks about the importance of creating moments when your child reaches different rights of passage through their journey into adulthood and celebrating those moments of achievement.  

  • Laura talks about her book that she has written “How to Raise Respectful Parents”

  • Laura is most grateful for technology so she can communicate with her daughters now they have left home and she is very grateful to be living in the Smoky Mountains and learning how the Cherokees do family. I am grateful for them all being so welcoming.    

Find Laura’s Freebie here 👉 Conflict Free Conversation Checklist for Brave Parents Raising Teens

Find Laura’s book, How to Raise Respectful Parents here 👉 How to Raise Respectful Parents: BETTER COMMUNICATION FOR TEEN AND PARENT RELATIONSHIPS


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