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111. An Easy and Simple Way to Build Healthy Habits in Your Family

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Lindsey Kaszuba a Health and Habit Coach, today on the podcast they discuss how we can build healthy habits to pass on to our Tweens and Teens. . 


  • Learn about Lindsey and the work that she does. 
  • Tess and Lindsey discuss routines and how they differ for everyone and that it isn’t one size fits all.   
  • Tess and Lindsey talk about unrealistic rules parents can place on themselves.
  • Lindsey shares with us ideas of how we can get started with creating healthy habits.
  • Tess and Lindsey discuss the importance of listening to ourselves and what feels right for our own bodies.   
  • Tess and Lindsey talk about the importance of letting our children have the opportunity to learn from their food choices and what feels good and what doesn’t. 
  • Tess and Lindsey discuss the importance of modelling healthy habits and behaviour to our tweens and teens.
  • Tess and Lindsey speak about being aware of our relationship that we have with ourselves and our inner dialogue and the effects this has on our children.
  • Tess and Lindsey talk about the importance of doing practices that feel good to you that work within your life.     
  • Tess and Lindsey discuss how we can fit movement into our day as busy parents and the importance of looking at it in different ways that feel right for you and your life.  
  • Lindsey talks about having a food journal to note down how different foods make us feel after we have eaten them and then again two hours after.  
  • Lindsey shares her top tip of how we can use the ‘power of pause’ and how this can help change our daily eating habits.     
  • Lindsey is most grateful for her daughters and how they have allowed her to learn things about herself that she wouldn’t have learned without them. 

Learn more about Lindsey here 👉 Lindsey Kaszuba Health


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