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117. The Key to Great Parenting lies more in the Behavior of the Parents rather than the Behavior of Their Child.

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Andee Martineau, a reformed yeller, a bestselling author, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting. Today on the podcast we discuss a poem by John Roedel and focus on connection and navigating the frustrations of parenthood and life. 

  • Andee reads a poem by John Roedel.  

  • Tess and Andee explore how the poem relates to parenting.

  • Andee Shares a personal experience involving her daughter and how she applied concepts from the poem to navigate her daughter’s feelings. 

  • Tess and Andee discuss how parents can reflect on similar experiences with their children and learn from them. 

  • They delve into moments when personal challenges may affect interactions with our tweens and teens, offering strategies for navigating such situations. 

  • Tess and Andee emphaisze the importance of self-reflection and curiosity in examining our own behaviour to strengthen family connections and improve our parenting.

  • They discuss ways to analyze and improve parenting behavior, white emphasizing self-compassion.

  • The value of parent coaches is explored.

  • Andee highlights the significance of setting goals incrementally, making small shifts towards positive changes and prioritizing connection. 

  • Andee is most grateful for the weather she is experiencing right now. 

Learn more about Andee here 👉 Welcome! – Connect Method Parenting

Find John Roedel’s Poem here  👉  (20+) when somebody falls apart don’t... - John Roedel - A short writer. | Facebook


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